Minnesota Fishing Trip September 2009

Several men from the platoon met at “Back -O- the Moon” Resort north of Grand Rapids Michigan on September 21. The event was hosted by Bob “Moose Mollenhauer and his friends from Owatonna Minnesota. The event included Fishing, eating, Gambling at a nearby Indian Reservation Casino ( Naso dropped a substantial amount of money and Dick Glover won $1,000 but thats another story!!)and lots of story telling throughput the week.

 A camp fire was attended each night and the stories got really deep. The highlite of those camp fires was when Moose told us the story about the Top Sergeant in Tay Ninh that was seriously injured when the out house he was using blew up. Moose and John Cook had just previously prepared the cans to be burned. Apparently the cans had been laced with Diesel fuel and JP-4 fuel in preparation for burning and the old sgt. threw his cigar into the can just as a mortor attack was coming into Tay Ninh. The Sgt was critically wounded and was still being treated at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital 8 month after the event. Moose just happened to be at the hospital at the same time!! Any information concerning the whereabouts of that Top Sergeant would be much appreciated. The statute of limitations has passed so none of the guilty parties will be prosecuted!!! The trip was a huge success and all the guys said we would do it again in 2011.

Attendees included:

Moose Mollenhauer, Dave Duininck, Greg Mannerelli, George MF Kush, Dick Glover, Big John Quintrell, Paul Naso, Rick Galli, Nick Galli, Gerri Granger, Jim Brandau, Scott Brockway, Steve Klaus, Dave Schimmoeller and Eugene Mollberg.

The Kitchen Crew/Fishing Guides included:

Kenny, Ernie, “Mini Moose” Matt Mollenhauer, Barry, Ole and Dubby.

These guys went out of their way to make sure we had a great time. The guys in the platoon decided they did such a good job that they should be made “Honorary Wolfhounds”. Thanks again to all those men that made our week memorable.