Russell Bruns

206 Russell Ranch Lane
Great Falls, Montana  59405
United States of America

Phone: 406-736-5685

Russell carried the 90mm Recoiless during his tour. He was known as the “Invisible Man” because there is no known photos of Russ while he was in Vietnam! If anyone has a photo of Russ we are offering a reward for such a photo. Rear end and feet only pictures do not count! Russell just retired from the post office with 20 yrs service. He and his wife Becky just moved to Gt Falls Montana where they have purchased a piece of the “Big Sky Country” and intend to build a new home next year.Russ was wounded at the hard spot where we were sent to pull out a LRRP team that had been pinned down by a large NVA company. Picture at left shows Big John holding wire as Russ crawls underneath with his 90mm shoulder fired howitzer.