Old Guestbook

2 Terry Ellefson Kelso, WA “25th Inf Div site

1978 all year

Co A 65th Engrs, 25th Inf div.

Demolitions Engr, served with the hounds on many S & D\’s”
3 John \”Big John\” Quintrell shkdive@msn.com Helena, Montana In Vietnam from August 1968 – August 1969. Thank you for visiting our platoon\’s website. We are trying to locate every man that served in the 2nd platoon in the years 1968 – 1970. If you have any contact information, pictures, or related information please post it here or email me. It is my desire to update this website on a regular basis with information you provide. (Original message dated March 8, 2003)
4 Charles Welby Green Indianapolis, IN “Co C, 2nd Bn, 27th (66-67) Co D, 1st Bn 27th (69)

Hi Big John, we both served in C/2/27 Wolfhounds at different times and were both Wolfhounds in Nam at the same time but in different Companies. I was Charlie Co acting 1SG and then Field first. When I returned in 69, I was 1st Platoon Sgt in D/1/27 for about 4 months til a Chi Com grenade broke me of the habit. Oh, yeah, I was also a Wolfhound in D/1/327 in Korea 1951. You gotta know I love the Hounds, finest soldiers anytime, anywhere. Welcome home, friend. \”Sgt Rock\””
5 Charles Welby Green charliegreen@indy.rr.com Forgot to put in my email! (original email dated March 8, 2003)
6 Charles Welby Green email is: charliegreen@indy.rr.com
7 Charles Van Ark evanark@comcast.net originally from Holland, Michigan, currently in Bloomfield Township, Michigan Big John sent me to this website. In Vietnam from September 3, 1968 to January 3, 1969. Thanks to the guys who loaded my sorry butt onto the medivac on 1/1/69. I hated to leave you, but was glad to be out of it. Email is: evanark@comcast.net
8 Dave Duininck Minnesota “In Vietnam Feb. 69 – Feb. 70

2nd 27th C Company, live in Minnesota. (original message dated March 9, 2003)”
9 Roger B. Cates Greensboro, NC “Found site from an email from Big John. In Vietnam from November 66 to November 67. C Co 2/27th Infantry Regiment \”Wolfhounds\” 25th Inf. Division Cu Chi VN.

Big John …
Welcome home brother! Served proudly with the almighty Wolfhounds from the Delta to War Zone C.67\’Charlie Hounds have been in touch for the last 3 years. At this point, we have located over 20 Hounds. We had a reunion in D.C. Vets Day 2002, with 12 Charlie Hounds and in Orlando, Florida with 10 Hounds. We are on a roll. Wolfhound Pack Reunion August 14 – 17 in Indianapolis, IN. Hope all Wolfhounds can attend! To be reunited to my brothers again has meant so much to all of us! … NEC ASPERA TERRENT — Wolfhounds Forever!
Cates AKA Charlie 6 Xray RTO.
Email is: rogersavi96@aol.com”
10 Joe Guchek Then – Brooklyn, NY / Now – Highland Park, NJ “Big John sent me to the website. In Vietnam from March \’67 to March \’68. In 1st Platoon.
Hey Big John, thanks for the heads up and Welcome Home. I am part of those 20 – 25 Charlie Hounds that have been located and locating others in the past three years. It is about time. I have waited 35 years to come \”HOME\” with my brothers and we are finally doing it. Thanks for sharing the site with us and keep up the good work. Hope to see you some day soon. Many of us will be meeting with the Wolfhound Pack in Indianapolis, IN Aug 14-17. There will be more information about that in the Pack newsletter in April. If you have any news to print send it to me for the newsletter. Join the Pack. For an application. http://www.kolchak.org/WolfPack/member.htm (original message dated March 10, 2003)

SSG Joe Guchek

Email: 27th-Newshound@prodigy.net ”
11 Robert Cappel (Charlie 2-6) Living in Orlando now, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio “Found website thru email from Big John. In Vietnam from Aug 67 to Aug 68. Though not as clear as last year and the years before, I still remember. The pride instilled in me, that came from serving with the fine men of this platoon has never diminished. I wish you all well, and hope to see you one day. God Bless.

Bob (original message dated March 10, 2003)

Email: rcappel@iadt.edu”
12 Bill Kieser Buffalo, NY “In Vietnam from Aug 68 to Aug 69. Found website thru Joe, C/2/27 posted mail on 27th Infantry Regiment \”Wolfhounds\” site. In D Company, 1st and 27th, Dau Tieng, Cu Chi. Nice site. I spent more time around Dau Tieng at FSB Mahone I and II with the First Hounds, but we did get up to Tay Ninh and the Cambodian border for a few operations. I remember our trip up to the Cambodian border. Do you remember the typhoon warning. We LZ\’d in and humped more clicks in water than I care to remember. It was like the world\’s largest rice paddy. The wind and the rain went on forever. I was ready to go back to the Rubber Plantation after that op. Well, it\’s good to hook up with fellow Hounds. (original message dated March 10, 2003)

Nec Aspera Terrent

Email: Wolfhounds68@hotmail.com”
13 Doug Holston Mobile, Alabama “Found website thru Joe Guchek. In Vietnam from Aug 67 to Aug 68. In the 2nd Platoon (is there any other?) Welcome Home Brothers! Hope to hook up with all of ya soon, it\’ll be a great reunion. (original message dated March 10, 2003)

Email: hootdat56@yahoo.com”
14 Wayne W Neal Oklahoma “Found website from an email from Wolfhounds. In the 2/27th 2nd Platoon in 1969.

Do you want a picture of Pete?

(original message dated March 10, 2003)

Email: okneal@sbcglobal.net”
15 Robie G Prater, Jr. David in Floyd County, Kentucky “Found the website thru Big John. I am proud to have met some of you who served with my cousin SSG Freddie Hannah. I appreciate all who have helped to fill me in on his death in Vietnam. I know he was so proud of the men he served with. I look forward to hearing from all who have served with Freddie. You guys are all heroes in my eyes and my family\’s also.
(original message dated March 10, 2003)

Email: praterrobie@hotmail.com”
16 Joseph Wayne Peace Osgood, Indiana “Found this site thru wolfhound site. In Vietnam Aug. 1968 – Aug. 1969 with the A 2/27 1st Platoon 25th Infantry. Thanksfor the work in making a great site. These sites have helped me locate several friends who I now keep in contact with. A Co. worked with you guys alot. I still can remember the DIAMONDS, SUGAR MILL, TRANG BANG and all the time that was spent at the border. Thanks alot.


(original message sent March 11, 2003)

Email: waynepeace16@hotmail.com”
17 Steve Randock originally from New Jersey, now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico “Found website thru email from Wayne Neal, a fellow Wolfhound. In Vietnam June 69 – June 70. 2nd Platoon June 1969 – Jan 1970, then HHC 2/27 Feb 1970 – June 1970. This is a great find. I have thought of my experience with the Wolfhounds often. I still try and keep in touch with some of the guys that I served with and wish I could find more of them. I don\’t ever think I can forget my time as a Wolfhound. Thanks for putting this site together. (original message dated March 13, 2003)

Email: Srandock@lrri.org”
18 William F. Hogan Yonkers, New York (then) “Found this website thru Joe Guchek. In Vietnam March 66 to April 67. This is a great site! I was the F.O. (K53Y) for C Co. 2nd platoon 66/67, I am and was honored to know and be with the troopers of the 2nd platoon, we all gave it our best. Welcome Home Brothers, I will always remember the times that we watched each others\’ backs and never forgot our Brothers who paid the ultimate price. (original message dated March 13, 2003)

Bill AKA K53Y…

Email: wstbh22@bellsouth.net”
19 Criag A. Sinske Lenoir, NC “Found site thru Joe Guchek. In Vietnam February 67 – February 68. In 1st Platoon C/2/27. In the past year I have been blessed with being reunited with some 20 or so fellow Wolfhounds. It has been an incredible ride that I hope never ends. I hope that each and every one of them knows just how much it has meant to me … WELCOME HOME TO ALL OUR WONDERFUL MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVED!!!
(original message dated March 16, 2003)

Email: craigfromnc@webtv.net”
20 Mrs. John Quintrell (Laura) Helena, Montana “Created this website with my husband … I just wanted to thank all the gentlemen who have viewed this website and signed the guestbook. My husband John is so excited to have found each and every one of you and we will be grateful to all of you forever. You risked your lives to serve our country and there are not enough words to express how thankful we are to you for your courageous and brave actions in Vietnam. (original message dated March 19, 2003)

Laura Q. Quintrell AKA \”Lady Wolfhound\”

Email: gaiagal35@hotmail.com”
21 Raymond Bourgeois Atlantic Beach, NC “Found the website thru Big John … in the 2nd 27th C Company Wolfhound Platoon. Great site, John … need more pictures.

(original message dated March 19, 2003)

Email: rbourgeois@ec.rr.com”
22 Russell D. Bruns Peoria, Illinois “Found website thru my buddy Big John. In Vietnam Aug. 1968 – Feb. 1969. Many thanks to all the brave men I served with while in Nam. The men in the 2nd 27th are the greatest. The times may not have been so good, but the fond memories of the men I served with will last forever. Thanks for your courage, honor and duty for your country.

Welcome home and God Bless.

(original message dated March 21, 2003)

Email: russbecky1@hotmail.com”
23 Larry J. LaMere Lansing, Michigan “Found website by being contacted by Big John. In Vietnam 68 – 69.

Just Hi and thanks to John and Laura.

(original message dated March 22, 2003)

Email: ljlamere@acd.net”
24 Steven Chiucchini Atlanta, GA (previously from N.Y.) “Found website when contacted by Big John. Much thanks to Big John for trying for 34 years to find me. Since my conversation with him, I have spoken with Paul Naso and Eddie Frey. We had the best time discussing old times. It is unbelievable to be speaking with all my buddies again. I cannot wait to see everyone again, if it is all possible. Paul, Ed and myself will try to get together in N.Y. real soon. God Bless everyone and keep calling or emailing.

(original message dated March 24, 2003)

Email: srevenchiucchini@cs.com”
25 Paul R. Naso New Jersey (originally from New York) “Found website when Big John called me after 34 years. In Vietnam from June 1968 through Feb 1969 in the 2nd of the 27th Charlie Company. Spoke with Big John who gave me Steve Chuichini\’s address and phone number. Had a great conversation with Steve. Hope we will all have an opportunity to get together again. We were a close bunch of guys serving our country and protecting each other. For those who made it out of Nam, God Bless You. (original message dated March 25, 2003)

Email: Paul_Naso@ml.com”
26 Scott R. Brockway, son of Randall L. Brockway (KIA 2/23/69) Iowa, along with my father … now in Pennsylvania “Found website through Big John who contacted me via e-mail. My father was in Vietnam from 4/68 to 2/69, 2/27 C Company. I had left a message to my father at The Wall website. Big John read my message while doing research for his site. Fortunately my e-mail address was attached, so he contacted me. I was very grateful to hear from him. He explained to me about what happened the night my father was killed. It\’s great men like Big John that somewhat make me feel like I knew my father. He will be my friend for life. Please contact me if you like. Thanks Big John! (original message dated March 25, 2003)

Email: sbrock1165@aol.com”
27 Phil Iserino Long Island, NY “Found website through my cousin Paul Naso. We served together in Nam, same time, same company. In country from June 1968 to June 1969 with the 2/27th Wolfhounds, C Company Mortor Platoon. Big John, after seeing your picture, I remembered you. I am Paul Naso\’s cousin Phil. I was in the Mortor Platoon. Caught some shrapnel the night we took out the church tower in Trang Bang (I think it was Trang Bang). Paul and I are getting together soon to reminisce … look forward to a gathering. Please keep me informed. (orignal message dated March 26, 2003)

Email: philiserino@optionline.net”
28 Lydia M. Stout Johnson County, Kentucky “Found website through my aunt, Mary Filawot. Dear Big John, my onlu uncle on my mother\’s side wa a part of your group. He (Freddie Jarrell Hannah) was killed in action when I was a little girl so I don\’t remember him. I would very much like to know about his service time as well as any personal stories you or anyone else might be able to share with me. I feel I have missed a great part of my life and family history, because I never got the chance to know Uncle Freddy. Anything you can tell me would be most wonderful. Thank you so much for your caring about all the Americans that paved the way for our freedom and our way of life. Very gratefully ours, Lydia M. Stout (original message dated March 26, 2003)

Email: lm_stout@yahoo.com”
29 Stephen Cross Madison, Wisconsin “Found the website by surfing. In Vietnam at Fire Base Jackson, Diamond 3, etc. In 2nd Platoon and also the 1st. Great site best on the net. Does anyone remember the rat patrol using jeeps out of Jackson? Looking for Bruce from Company B. We came down from the central highlands together with many other guys. It\’s been a long time that I wanted to think about Vietnam. I guess it\’s about time. Welcome home all you hounds.
(original message dated March 26, 2003)

Email: src50@hotmail.com”
30 Ed Frey New York “Big John found me. In Vietnam 1968 – 69. I just want to thank Big John for all his hard work in finding all of us guys. He gave me Steve\’s phone number and we spoke. It was great to talk to Steve and John after all these years. Hope we can all get together real soon. Stay well. Looking forward to talking with Paul. (original message dated March 31, 2003)

Email: lfrey@bestweb.net”
31 Mary Hannah Filowiat Van Lear, Kentucky “Found website through Big John. My brother, Freddie J. Hannah, served with the Wolfhounds. Hi John, I am glad you have this website. You have helped me so much with it. You see, Freddie was the only boy among nine girls. It is bad when you lose a sister or brother, but when you lose the only one you have it is much worse. I was very proud ofmy brother. He was the type of person that would do anything he could for anyone. Thanks to all of you soldiers for what you did so we could have a free country. I would like to hear from anyone that served with Freddie. Thanks again. Mary Filowiat (original message dated April 7, 2003)

Email: mary_filowiat@yahoo.com ”
32 Gary L. Huber Michigan “Found website from an inviation from Big John. In Vietnam 1967 – 1968 with Co. A, 1/27, and Lightning Replacement Center.
Come and visit the Wolfhound Alumni. The website is deicated to collecting the names of everyone who served with the Hounds in Vietnam. There are over 9,000 names in the rosters at this point. They are arranged alphabetically by Company and Battalion.

Wolfhounds Forever

(original message dated April 13, 2003)

Email: ghuber@kolchak.org”
33 Jack Slovey Chicago, IL “Found the website through Big John. In Vietnam from 1968 – 1969. It was nice to hear from Big John after 34 years. Hopefully I will connect with more of you guys in the future. (original message dated April 17, 2003)

Email: sportsstationkelly@sbcglobal.net”
34 Guy Karo Sheboygan, Wisconsin “Found website when John contacted me. In Dakto 12/68 – 12/69 with A Company 299th CBT ENG. Good site. Just want to wish all the brothers a welcome home. It is good after 34 years we can finally talk about it among ourselves and with others. It is the sites that are up on the web that help all brothers reunite with each other. Take care brothers. (original message dated May 5, 2003)

35 Paul R Naso Queens, NY – now living in New Jersey. “Found site from John Quintrell contacting me. In Vietnam June 1968 until February 1969. John has put together a great site. I have talked to some of the guys already – Big John, Steve Chuichini, my cousin Philip Iserino, Enrico Galli. Would love to hear from all the guys I served with. (original message dated May 14, 2003)

Email: Paul_Naso@ml.com”
36 Dana Martin Oregon “Found website through a Brother Hound. In Vietnam \’69 – \’70 with D/2/27 also a sniper. John, who was at Kotrc anyone here, what months was Charlie there. Nelson Fox and I were there with Charlie, God only knows when though, after all these years I\’m not sure. Was it Jan. of \’70? Shammer (original message dated July 21, 2003)

Email: shamtime@alveus.com”
37 William R. I. \”Easy\” Smith Sacramento, CA by way of Washington, D.C. “In Vietnam February to September 1967 with Company A 1/27 2nd Platoon. Yo John! I have been here before but this time I got to spend some time and real alot of the material and I was amazed … I also found an article naming one of my buddies from Nam I have been looking for since 1967. I will be back and keep up the good work! Wolfhounds forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care, Easy!!!!!
(original message dated December 19, 2003)

Email: wsmith@winfist.com”
38 Robie Prater Sommerset, KY “Found site thru Big John. Big John, thanks so much for this page. Hope it brings many of you together again. Thanks for everyone\’s help with the search for Freddy Hannah\’s buddies. If by chance someone is ever by the wall, I would dearly love a picture of his name there. Again, thanks to all. – Robie Prater (original message dated January 18, 2004)

Email: praterrobie@hotmail.com”
39 Joseph C. Deno Owensboro, Kentucky Found website through Big John. In Vietnam June 1968 – June 1969 with 1st Platoon Cp and the mortar Platoon. Thanks Big John for this site. Maybe we can find more of our friends. (original message dated February 1, 2004) Email: jdeno6870@aol.com
40 Mike Kowalkowski Darien, WI Found the website through a friend. In Vietnam with 1st Platoon from July 1968 to July 1969. Still stay in contact with a small group. Thanks for the site. (original message dated February 2, 2004) Email: mike71347@msn.com
41 Joe W. Peace Osgood, Indiana Found site through a friend. With 1st Platoon. Still a lot of friends to contact. Hope someday they will be online, or some way to get in touch. There is a small group that styas in touch, we have had a few mini reunions. Thanks for the site … Joe Peace (original message dated February 1, 2004) Email: waynepeace@hotmail.com
42 Conrad Garcia Baytown, Texas Found site through Big John. In Vietnam from January 69 – January 70. A little over a year ago I started to look at a bunch of old pictures I brought back with me. I decided to restore them, put them on CD\’s and attempt to contact some of the guys I had served with. When out of the blue John calls one night in October. We have been communicating since. And I have had the honor of speaking with a number of wolfhound brothers since then. I visited with Mannarelli and his wife, spoken to Wayne Neal, Steve Randock, Bill Scott and plan on talking to as many of you as possible. My home number is (281)-424-2722 give me a shout. Thanks a bunch John. See you in June. (original message dated February 6, 2004) Email: conrad@etchouston.com
43 Edward L. Smith Murdock, WA Found website through Terry McConnell (2/6 xray). In Vietnam November 66 to November 67 with 4th Platoon opcon to 3rd humpen 90\’s. Good site, hope to see in line doggies at San Diego in August. Wolfhounds Forever. (original message dated February 8, 2004) Email: weclkt@hotmail.com
44 Brenda Hering Kentucky Found website through Mary Filowiat. I am Freddy Hannah\’s niece. I am his oldest sister\’s daughter. I was just 17 when he was killed. (original message dated February 13, 2004) Email: bhering@bellsouth.net
45 Rick Galli Staten Island, New York Found site through Big John Quintrell. In Vietnam June 23, 1968 to June 23, 1969. Just wanted to thank Big John for putting this together. I had forgotten so many names and now in the past few months, I have spoken to Paul Naso my closest friends, Ed Frey, Steve \”Chic\” Chiucchini, and \”Smokes\” Mr. Schimmoeller. Do you guys remember when Paul and I use to get our \”care\” package from home and everybody came over cause they could smell the provalone cheese and hard salami? (original message dated February 23, 2004) Email: enrico10310@yahoo.com
46 Michael Deline St. Louis, Michigan Found site thru Big John. In Vietnam from Feb 68 to Dec 70. After June 68, moved to 191st Ordnance Battalion. Superb job on this website. Congrats, Big John. (original message dated February 29, 2004) Email: mdeline07@chartermi.net
47 John Cook Maxwell, Texas Found site through Big John. In Vietnam from Oct. 2, 1968 to Oct. 1, 1969. Thanks to Big John for getting all this put together. Looking forward to seeing all of the old gang again. See you all in June. (original message dated March 2, 2004) Email: jc78656@yahoo.com
48 Bill Scott Sioux City, Iowa Found website through John when he contacted me. In Vietnam from January 1969 – January 1970. For the first 4 months I was with combat engineers unit up north. It\’s great hearing from Big John. I also contacted Mel Dowdy, Steve Randock, Dale Rundquist, Conrad Garcia (the best kept secret in Vietnam – He\’s the man!). Is there anybody in the New York area or the Chicago area? I\’m trying to find some people in those areas, but it is very difficult to do it from Iowa. (original message dated March 15, 2004) Email: cw27scott@comcast.net
49 Mike Clennon Chicagoland Found website through Blind Luck. My uncle, Ed Clennon, was in Vietnam. I never knew my Uncle Ed. He was KIA May 25, 1969. We just missed each other by two short years. If he was anything like my other family member, then he must have been a really great man. I have had the chance to read his letters home. But mostly they just talk about the weather and chit chat, no real details about the guys he served with. I am hoping to make it to the reunion, but it remains \”ify\” that I can make it. I would be honored to hear from any of you that knew my uncle and could provide me with any \”stories\’ or thoughts about him. Thank you. God Speed. Mike Clennon (original message dated March 29, 2004) Email: mikeclennon@hotmail.com
50 Mike Almer Valley Center, CA (originally from Chaska, MN) “In Vietnam 7/68 – 3/69 with 1st Platoon. It was great to discover John\’s site that brought back many memories. Although I didn\’t know many of you from 2nd platoon, it was nice to find some names on the roster that I remembered (Higgins, Wolff, Zamora, Forman, Tubbs). I\’ve got a pile of slides and photos I\’m slowly transferring to CD that I should be able to share sometime soon. Would be glad to hear from anyone who might remember me or others in 1st platoon. (I was the tall, skinny, hairless, clueless one). Served with Blair, Triggs, Ramos, Crapps, Perkle, Whitaker, Fous, Gapinski, Pancho (Anzaldua) and Chico (Gonzalez), Lee, McLin, Gorman, Fry, Burke, Winn, Heilig, Korogy, Meyers, Owens, Fat John, Stover, and Mata and still have photos of most of them. (original message dated April 25, 2004)

Email: malmer@earthlink.net”
51 Nancy Rose Tennant Florida by way of Michigan “Found website through Big John. My Uncle Bill served 68 – 69 with the 2nd 27th C Company. I spoke to Big John for the first time today, and already I want to talk to him again. I posted a message at least 4 years ago on the Virtual Wall Site, in hopes of finding someone who knew my Uncle Bill in Nam. Talking to John helped alot, but he said there were others who would remember him. Thank you, John, for making this possible, and for being his friend while he was with you. And to all the Heroes who made it back … WELCOME HOME. (original message dated May 3, 2004)

Email: Nantiquer@aol.com”
52 Vickie Alabama My dad, Bill \”Alabama\” Butler was in Vietnam. Please continue to pray for \”Alabama\’s\” family. It has been so hard since he passed away on May 8. You are all heroes to me … (original messaged dated June 1, 2004) Email: vblanks@charterbank.net
53 Daphne (Butler) Foster Alabama Found website thru Big John. My Daddy, Bill Butler was in Vietnam. I don\’t really know what to write … I\’ve always been proud to say that my Daddy was a Vietnam vet. You guys went thru so much … I know most of us can\’t even begin to imagine. A lot of times when I see or hear something about Vietnam, I think to myself, \”My Daddy was there.\” Today has been one month since we buried my Daddy. Please pray for our family. I\’m proud to say William \”Billy, Bill, Alabama\” Butler is my Daddy. I think you guys are GREAT and I have a lot of admiration for men and women who give their time (sometimes their life) to serve in the military of this great country! (original message dated June 11, 2004) Email: tandddfoster@knology.net
54 John \”Big John\” Quintrell To all the guys that attended the reunion this past week I want to thank you all for your participation and support. All of us experienced a huge level of encouragement and a sense of comradeship. To those that did not attend, you will have a chance in 2006. We decided to have a reunion every 2 years. Please continue to call the guys in the directory and let them know they were dearly missed. You all made this past weekend one of the best in my life. Wolfhounds Forever! Big John (original message dated June 17, 2004) Email: shkdive@msn.com
55 Bob Kelly Sammamish, WA (east of Seattle) Found website thru, who else, The Man BIG JOHN Quintrell. My cousin was 1st Lt. Donald W. Ide. He was 1st Platoon Lead, Co. C. First of all, thanks to everyone who served this great country and sacrificed their lives, limbs, sanity and blood for the rest of us back home. My cousin, 1st Lt. Donald W. Ide, was 1st Platoon leader, scouting an area with 2nd Platoon the day before he was supposed to lead his group into the area, and was unfortunately killed May 25, 1969. I was almost 15 when Don died and had only a few fond memories of him, mainly my 3 brothers wrestling with him the year before in our back yard in Edmonds, WA, promptly and politely \”kicked out butts\”. He was my father\’s favorite nephew and my hero. Two years later I joined the Marines at 17. The \”Mini\” Vietnam Wall Memorial has once again made it\’s trip to the Puget Sound area (I missed it a few years ago). I searched thewall-usa.com website for a panel and line number and found it along with a huge surprise, a picture of Don in Trang Bang in April \’69. I was overwhelmed and grateful to have seen his smiling face once again. Quite blown away to tell you the truth. Don was a great man and I still miss him immensely, especially after having seen his picture. I welcome any communications and stories from anyone that knew or had served with him, and hopefully some more pictures anyone has. It sounds like the Wolfhounds are a grand bunch of guys, I hope to hear from you soon. Don is survived by his sister Kathy and brother Doug, also a Vietnam Vet. His father was a retired general, working around the world for the State Dept. (Beirut, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Vancouver B.C.) and drowned while fishing with his grandkids off Camano Island, WA. His mother passed away in October \’98 from heart failure. The whole family is very special to me, but none more than Don. I truly miss that man. You Wolfhounds stick together – life is really short – we\’re only on this planet TDY then it\’s off to the BIG reunion! God Bless you all. Thanks BIG JOHN, I appreciate what you\’ve done! (original message dated July 2, 2004) Email: bobk@stioptronics.com
56 Lois Tomsic ltomsic@yahoo.com Cleveland, Ohio/Clearwater, Florida I was watching the National Geographic Memorial Day Special about Arlington National Cemetery. When they started talking about Vietnam, it brought memories of my cousin, Tommy. I did a google search to see if there was anything online about him. Thank you for remembering him.
58 Kathy Ide Colorado Springs, CO “Found the website thru my cousin Bob Kelly via Big John. My brother, Lt. Ide, died with the Wolfhounds. To all of the men who my brother served with — and the Wolfhounds who adopted him after he died with you — thank you. This day, and these memories have been a gift. (original message dated July 7, 2004)

Email: kide1121@aol.com”
59 Paul Naso New Jersey “In Vietnam 1968 – 1969. I spoke to Willy Williams last week and had a great conversation with him. This guy will always be a hero to me. He was the ultimate soldier. He received 3 Bronze Stars and 2 Purple Hearts. He would love to hear from the rest of the outfit. (original message dated July 26, 2004)

Email: Paul_Naso@ml.com”
60 Charles Lilly Paintsville, KY (originally) “Found website looking around for info. In Vietnam 1966 – 67. Served with the Big Red One. I was researching your site for info on Freddie Hannah. I grew up with this fine young gentleman. Freddie did as we all did, served with honor and I won\’t let it be forgotten in my lifetime. (original message dated September 7, 2004)
Email: doc1stdiv@yahoo.com”
61 Robie Prater Somerset, KY “John, the site is still great. Keep up the great work. I met other guy who knew Freddie because of you. Thanks, Robie (original message dated November 3, 2004)

Email: praterrobie@hotmail.com”
62 Gary Wasemann Valparaiso, Indiana “Found sound by web surfing. In Vietnam as 3rd platoon leader 2nd Wolfhounds March 1969 to August 1969 Company B. Proud to be a Wolfhound. (Original message dated November 8, 2004)

Email: garywasemann@comcast.net”
63 Jason Bruns Washington, IL “Found website thru Big John. Russ Bruns is my father and I just finished my tour in Iraq in support of the 3/2ID (STRYKERS). My whole life I\’ve heard my father talk of the guys he served with and his pride in serving. It\’s from those stories that I find myself over here and serving with the same caliber of soldiers that he served with. After leading convoys here in Iraq I\’ve found a new appreciation for what all of you must have gone thru and no matter what rank any of you may have been, this Staff Seargent will always salute you. (original message dated November 9, 2004)

Email: jason.bruns@us.army.mil”
64 Edward Lotterman St. Paul, MN (originally from Chandler, MN) “Found website from email from John Quintrell. In Vietnam in 1970, Company A, (Admin) 173rd Abn Bde, LZ English. I went through BCT at Ft. Lewis WA, Sept-Dec 1967 with Robert Cohen. I am pretty sure he was the Robert Cohen who was killed in your unit. I have a platoon photo showing him and I. Have cropped out a smaller shot showing just him. We went to different AITs, so never saw him after December 1967. We were not close friends but were in same squad and slept two bunks apart. If anyone wants a photo, I am glad to email it. It is amazing that 36 years have passed. I was in the 82nd for awhile after AIT and jump school, had a Platoon Sgt E7 (promoted before they added E-8 and E-9) in the late 1950s. He had combat-jumped in Sicily and in Normandy and with the 187th RCT in Korea. A good guy who had gone through alot. All of us 18 and 19 year olds thought he was an old man. He was 44 years old! And that was less than 24 years after his D-Day jump. Now I am 53 and Cohen would be close to 60 if he were alive. (original message dated December 16, 2004)

Email: elotterman@pioneerpress.com
Website: http://www.edlotterman.com”
65 Cal Johnson Davis, Oklahoma “Found website after a call from Big John Quintrell. In Vietnam from January 1968 to January 1969. I\’m still here and will welcome hearing from any of you! (original message dated January 8, 2005)

Email: cal.johnson@sbcglobal.net”
66 George I. Woodman Glendale, AZ (originally from New York) “Found website thru Big John. In Vietnam from August 69 to August 70. Let\’s help Big John find the rest of the guys that were there in 68 and 69. I would like to hear from everyone that spent some time with me in Vietnam. Sgt. Garcia knew his stuff and we were all better off for it. (original message dated January 9, 2005)

Email: redskinsw@cs.com”
67 Conrad Garcia Baytown, Texas “In Vietnam January 69 – January 70. George, great to see that you have been located. I\’ve thought alot about many of you guys. How can you be reached, clicked on email and nothing came up. Thanks for your kind words. I always felt like I could have done better. Take care buddy. (original message dated January 14, 2005)

Email: conrad@etchouston.com”
68 Matias Herrera, Jr. Edinburg, Texas “Found site thru Big John. In Vietnam Feb. 8, 1969 – May 25, 1969. Hello to everyone who served in Vietnam. I would like to give special thanks to those who served with me. Especially Conrad Garcia who took the time to give me a visit. I hope to be able to make it to the next reunion so I can meet with all my buddies, and get to know those who served before me, and those who came after I was there. (original message dated January 14, 2005)

Email: mtxherrera@yahoo,com”
69 Dave Smokes Schimmoeller Fort Jennings, Ohio 45844 “Found website thru Big John. In Vietnam from June 5, 1968 to June 5, 1969. I would like to THANK Big John and his wife Laura for all they have done. I sure would like to hear from you guys that I served with. It has been way too long. SMOKES (original message dated January 14, 2005)

Email: dlschimm@bright.net”
70 Kenneth Kelly Charlotte, NC “Found website thru a letter from Big John. In Vietnam from mid July 1969 to mid July 1970 with 2nd Platoon. Glad to see someone has taken the time and effort to brng all of us together. Thanks, John. Look forward to perusing the website periodically and touching base with all of you. (original message dated February 13, 2005)

Email: mkelly14@carolina.rr.com”
71 Conrad Garcia Baytown, TX Found site thru Big John. In Vietnam Feb. 69 – Jan. 70. Kelly, it\’s great to see that you have been located. I got a few pictures of you. If you would like me to send them to you, email me at: conrad@etchouston.com Hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon. (original message dated February 13, 2005)
72 Danny Deitz Keizer, Oregon “Found site thru Big John. In Vietnam February 1969 – February 1970. Welcome home everyone. This is unbelievable! Big John, thank you for tracking me down. And thank you and your wife for setting up this website. It\’s amazing! I just got the letter you sent that actually went through Las Vegas, where my daughter lives and found me here in Keizer.
This has brought back so many memories. You can\’t imagine how many times I have thought about folks in 2nd Plt.
Here\’s a little history. After 7 months with the Company, I was transfered to 3d Bde HQ, where I worked as a clerk for Col. Mattox, our Brigade Commander. He was the Col. that flew his own chopper and was quite heroic. I remember when he landed one evening when we were out on a sweep and he and SGM White stayed with us for the ambush patrol that night.
After Vietnam, I was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, where I became a tanker and tank commander. Once off active duty, I guess I didn\’t have enough, got into the Reserve system and into Special Forces. After a total of 26 years of jumping out of planes and humping rucks, I retired as a Master Sergeant. Go figure.
I am now a Lieutenant with the Salem Police Department, and ready to retire. I am still married to the same girl, almost 37 years and have two daughters and 3 wonderful grandkids. I am convinced this is all because of all of you.
Thanks. (original message dated March 3, 2005)

Email: dandeitz@msn.com”
73 John Schumer (ra) St. Charles, Missouri “Found website thru the grace of god. In Vietnam Sept. 68 – Sept. 69 with E Company 4.2 Motars. Wolfhounds always in my heart. Was at FSB Reed, Crockett, Diamonds 2 so many other places. So many good men. The best. (original message dated March 10, 2005)
Email: johnschumer@sbcglobal.net”
74 Ron Courser Grand Rapids, Michigan “Found website by surfing. In Vietnam 3/69 – 3/70 with the 4/23 25th Division. I\’m looking for Howard Habis. He was with the 2/27(?). We were at Ft. Benning together and went to and came back together from Nam. Anyone who remembers him or know where he lives … please contact me. (original message dated March 21, 2005)
Email: cornerstonerp@tds.net”
75 Willy Williams Somerton, Arizona “Found website thru Big John. In Vietnam 1968 – 1969. I just want to say hi to all the great men that I served with in Vietnam. It is my prayer that you all are doing ok and I hope to hear from all of you. Smokes (Richard Schimmoeller) just came and visited me and it was a pleasure to see him after all this time. God Bless you all and take care of yourselves. My phone number is: 928-627-7045. Love you all, Willy
(original message dated April 15, 2005)”
76 Big John Quintrell Helena, Montana “Hi Everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know that the 2nd Platoon Reunion has been scheduled for May 15, 16, 17 2006 in Las Vegas. We will be staying at Hooter\’s Hotel and Casino which is next to the Tropicana. I will be sending out info to everyone confirming attendance. If you missed the first reunion you won\’t want to miss this one. Hope to see you ALL. Wolfhounds Forver … Big John (original message dated May 18, 2005)
Email: shkdive@msn.com”
77 John \”Big John\” Quintrell “Great news!! I found David \”Doc\” Flores. He lives in San Diego, California. His phone # is 619-233-1057. Give him a call. His address is on his directory listing. 🙂 (original message dated May 19, 2005)
Email: shkdive@msn.com”
78 Billy L. Chaney, Jr. “Sir you do not know me, so let me introduce myself to you. I am currently serving as the Charlie Company 2-27th Infantry Company First Sergeant. My name is Bill Chaney and today I was visited by a member of 2nd Platoon C Co, from 1968 to 1969. He (Bobby Connell) has shared some pictures and other things with me. I am truly interested in getting in contact with members of the Company and 2nd Platoon and attempt to tie our two eras of soldiers together. I have seen numerous pictures of you and other members of 2nd Platoon, and have been given a copy of the Reunion Book that you put together for the 10-12 June 2004 Reunion. I can not thank you and the members of 2nd Platoon, and other veterans enough for their sacrifice and service to this great nation. I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and want you all to remember that \”ONCE A WOLFHOUND ALWAYS A WOLFHOUND\”, I extend an invitation to come HOME to C Co, and visit us here in Hawaii. We have just returned from a year long deployment to Afghanistan where we served our Nation in \”The Global War on Terrorism.\” We suffered no fatal injuries during the year but engaged and captured or destroyed several ACM (Anti-Coalition Forces) Taliban, Alqueda and HIG forces and operatives during our part of this war. As luck has it tomorrow night Bobby and Debbie will be my Honored Guests at the 2005 2nd BN, 27th Infantry Regiment Ball. The service of your fellow soldiers will be represented tomorrow night and will forever be a part of this Company and this Battalion. There are some upcoming events I would like to make you aware of and extend an invitation. 1. 2 June C Co, Change of Command Current Commander CAPT. Tage J. Rainsford to CAPT. Rob Atienza. 2. 9 June Battalion Change of Command from LTC Platt to LTC Merewitch. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND THANK YOU FOR THE WORK ON THE PAST REUNION IN JUNE 04.
Billy L. Chaney, Jr.
C Co., 2-27th IN
(Original message dated June 1, 2005)
Email: chaneybl@schofield.army.mil”
79 Sgt. Robert Singleton Canon, Georga “Found website from a guy in Texas who told me about it. In Vietnam March 69 – March 70. I was mortor platoon sgt. in Diamond 2+3, Trang Bang, Kotric, Hobo Woods, have pics of Pete and Duc. Been looking for Leon Dood from Alabama. Stringfellow from Florida. Sgt. Estes from Kentucky. I retied from Ford Motor Company in Atlanta and moved back to my mother\’s home in Canon, GA. Would love to hear from anyone I served with. Phone #706-245-7520. God Bless all our troops. Robert Singleton, 142 Starrs Bridge Rd., Canon, GA 30520
(original message dated June 12, 2005)
Email: rsingl6650@aol.com”
80 Jim Marshall West Virginia “In Vetnam 68 – 69, FBD, Hobo Woods, Trang Bang, etc. Found wbsite thru Gary Huber at DC. In 2nd C Co 3rd Platoon. Looking for Sgt. Ray Curry, Jr. – we were both wounded on the night of Aug. 22nd 1968 at Trang Bang. Can\’t find him anywhere. Please help! (original message dated July 6, 2005)
Email: namsoul68@aol.com”
81 Larry F. Aguayo Lakewood, CA “Found website by surfing. In Vietnam June 6, 1968 to April 1, 1969. With Company A 1st Platoon and Company C 3rd Platoon 1st/27 Wolfhounds. Love your place. Welcome home, to the 1st and 2nd 27 Inf. Wolfhounds. 🙂
(Original message dated July 19, 2005)
Email: elwolfhound68@aol.com”
82 Alex Quintrell Cornwall, Great Britain “Found website by surfing. 🙂

(original message dated September 11, 2005)

Email: quinny696@hotmail.co.uk”
83 Joe Deno Utica, Kentucky “Found site by surfing. In Vietnam June 68 – June 69 with 1st and the mortar platoon A Co. 2/27. I am glad to find this site and I am looking for old friends. (original message dated September 14, 2005)
Email: jcdeno47@aol.com”
84 Joe Bogar Flemington, New Jersey “Found website by surfing. In Vietnam March 1969 – March 1970. In 1st Platoon Company C 2nd/27th. Thank you for this site. I already found a couple of the guys I remember. Also, I have pictures of Petey whom was my best friend over there and wonder all the time if he is still around. I also have a group picture of the entire 2nd Platoon taken before there were ambushes as they were setting up an ambush and lost almost the entire Platoon. Hope to hear from anyone. Thanks again, John! (original message dated November 5, 2005)
Email: photo_by_joe@yahoo.com”
85 Leonard Naidoff Oregon (originally from New York) Found website thru web search. In Vietnam May 67 to April 68 with 1st Platoon, 2nd of the 27th \”Charley Co.\” Wounded March 12, 1968. (original message dated November 10, 2005)
86 Luis F. Sanchez (Sandy) New York City “Found website thru a friend. In Vietnam October 66 – 67. With HQ. Co., Recon Platoon, 2/27 Inf. Div. I was in Cu Chi, we became \”CRIP\”, combined Recon Infantry Platoon. I\’m looking for anyone from Recon Platoon around that time, also Frank Maraboro aka \”Frankie\”. (original message dated November 22, 2005)

Email: LeosDenni@optonline.net”
Email: shkdive@msn.com”
88 Jonathan \”John\” Cook Maxwell, Texas “Found site surfing a few year back. In Vietnam October 68 – October 69. Big John, was checking out the site, to see the changes you had made. You have done such a wonderful job telling about our time in Vietnam. God bless you and that sweet wive of yours. I will see you in May. 🙂
(original messaged dated February 1, 2006)
Email: jc78656@yahoo.com”
89 David Lee Brogan II West Virginia “Found website thru my father, David Lee Brogan I. My father proudly served with the 2nd Platoon. I am so proud of all the men who served our country proudly and to those who lost their lives. My dad is my hero and he will always be. (original message dated March 7, 2006)
Email: DLBroganII@aol.com”
90 Paul O\’Brien Boston, MA “Found website by surfing. In Vietnam November 1969 to November 1970. Company C 2/27th Wolfhounds. Hi John and to all the Wolfhounds. I got wounded the day before Thanksgiving and was medivaced to Japan for 3 months and returned to Nam. They wanted to send me to the Big Red One but I asked to go back to my old outfit which I did. Once a Wolfhound always a Wolfhound. I hope to hear from anyone that remembers me. Thanks and welcome home. (original message dated March 16, 2006)
Email: wolfhounds69@comcast.net”
91 Dan Vandivor Somerset, Kentucky “Found site by surfing. In Vietnam 1968 – 1969 with Headquarters Company. I was Motor Officer for 2nd 27th. Always stayed back at Cu Chi but had lot of 11B friends. Have nothing but the highest admiration for you guys and am proud to have been a small part of the Wolfhound tradition. (original message dated March 25, 2006)
Email: daniel.vandivor@us.army.mil”
92 Dan Deitz Keizer, Oregon “In Vietnam Feb. 69 – Feb. 70. What a great reunion! Big John, Laura, Jim Brandau, Ray Bourgeois and everyone else that had a part in putting it together, it was simply amazing. It was such a great experience for Janice and I. I cannot tell you how proud and honored I was to be in your company once again. Thank you all. (Original message dated May 19, 2006)
Email: dandeitz@msn.com”
93 Paul Naso New Jersey “In Vietnam 1968 – 1969. What an amazing 3 days I had in Vegas at the reunion. I would like to thank John and Laura for all the hard work they did to make this reunion a success. I also would like to thank all the guys and their lovely wives and families that attended that made this reunion such a success. It was great personally to see Rick Galli, Cal Johnson, Richard \’Smokes\’ Schimmoeller, Dorman \’Doc\’ Turner and especially Willie Williams. It was an honor to be reintroduced to John Cook, Herb Nye, David \’Teach\’ Kelley and Ray Bourgeois. It was a pleasure to meet Scott Brockway, his lovely daughter Mallory and Nick Galli. It was great to talk to the rest of the guys and all the wives that attended. It was some experience, something I will never forget. God Bless everyone. Wolfhounds forever!!!!! (original message dated May 23, 2006)
Email: Paul_Naso@ml.com”
94 Cal Johnson Davis, Oklahoma Found site thru Big John. In Vietnam in 1968. Hey Guys, I just wanted to say what a great time my wife and I had at the reunion in Las Vegas. It was so great seeing everybody. Thank you and and your wife and daughters, Big John for all the hard work and effort you put into this. We\’re both looking forward to seeing you all at the next reunion. Keep in touch ….. Cal. (original message dated June 10, 2006)
108 Lee Garrett lgarrett34@hotmail.com Iowa I found this site while running a search on my first unit. I served in Charlie company, 2/27, 2nd platoon out of Fort Ord, California from 1987 to 1991. I wanted to extend my gratitude to your members for their service. I met two members of 1/27 (vietnam era) while joining my fathers VFW back in 1990 along with a veteran of WWII. I never knew their names but I will never forget the short time I spent with them even if it was just over a couple of drinks. HOOAH!!! WOLFHOUNDS!!!!
109 Robert R. Castona North Carolina “In Vietnam 68 – 69 with D and B Company. Great website Big John. I was with D company at the Diamonds. Can share some pix if I can learn the process.
Email: rcastona@visionet.org

(original message dated June 21, 2006)”
110 Michael New Jersey “I\’m seeking information on SSGT Gilberto Sanchez, C Co, 2/27. If you have anything to share, please contact me at: skimmer48us@yahoo.com

(original message dated June 23, 2006)”
111 Nelson Fox Sherburne, NY “Found site while looking for brother Wolfhounds on the web. In Vietnam from July 69 to July 70. I had the honor to work with Charlie Co at FSB Kotric, and later at some village near Saigon, not sure of dates. Would like to hear from any of my brother hounds. Does anyone remember Sgt. \”Rock\” Foxy AKA Sniper?
(original message dated October 9, 2006)

Email nfox@twcny.rr.com ”
112 Steve Swartz Roslyn, NY “Found site thru surfing. In Vietnam Jan. – Aug. \’68. Medic with 3rd – I think. C co. 2/27 I\’m sure! ha ha. This is a real trip, reading all this stuff! Unfortunately when it comes to names my memory is terrible. But I do know my platoon leader was Lt. Rodgers and Jim was the RTO man from California. Welcome home bros! And may all our brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan come home soon! (original message dated October 26, 2006)

email: steveswartz@optonline.net”
113 Steve Swartz “Just got off the phone with Cal Johnson and found out I was with the 2nd platoon! To share those experiences with someone who was there with you for the first time in 38 years was very emotional.
(original message dated October 29, 2006)
Email: steveswartz@optonline.net”
241 tim richter rmrichter72@yahoo.com warren, michigan “found website serching info on d/co. 2bn/27th inf. 1968-1969. looking for my uncles buddys, that he served with. his name is michael bereza, his plt.ldr. was a allen waterson, other buddys were dave reynolds, bobby pockrus, jj shmid(kia 12-7-68),larry brown(kia 12-7-68), and frank pugliese(kia 12-7-68) there is another fellow i think his name is chuck blair. if anyone knows my uncle or of his buddys that are still alive, please contact me, my uncle misses them and finally is talkin about the war after all these years. thanks, tim

316 Thomas Vesser tfvesser@yahoo.com Holly Springs NC “I was C Company CO from Feb 69-May 69. I recently found this website and anxious to communicate with fellow Wolfhounds.
This was my second Vietnam tour. I was an A Team Commander with 5th Special Forces the year of 1967.
I fondly remenber Donald Ide and his dedication and the ultimate sacrifice he made.”
352 Bill Schuler wschuler@new.rr.com Green Bay, WI CO C/2-27th from Dec 69 to April 70. PB Harris, FSB Kotrc. Our FO, Temple Ligon has RTO Jimmy Langley who sent me this site. Looking for big red headed platoon sgt. from WI…also, 1SGT John Farmer.
397 Jerry White jerdarwhite@aol.com Georgia “Found website by surfing. Thanks!
I was in 1st and 4th platoon in C Co.during 69-70. I was wounded on a night operation and all thought I would make it but I did. Would like to hear from anyone.”
478 Doc Turner docturner@hotmail.com Ecru, Mississippi facebook found this through Big John Quintrell I was with the wolfhounds from around july68 till late feb 69 2nd platoon words cant speak enough thanks to John and Laura for all the years of continued service to this site.
525 Paul Naso nasop@optonline.net Marlboro, New Jersey I found the website through Big John. Served with 2nd platoon from June 1968 till Feb 23, 1969. Just wanted to update my Email address. Love all my fellow Wolfhounds.
536 Jesse Strider jessestrider@yahoo.com Tupelo, Mississippi I served in the U.S. Army from 1990-1993 at C 2/27 Infantry Ft. Ord, CA. I am looking for friends that i served with during this time.
547 Jesse Strider jessestrider@yahoo.com Tupelo, MS I was in C 2/27th Infantry Ft. Ord CA. I was stationed there from 1990-1993. I am looking for guys that i was stationed with during these years.
548 Earl Carter prop421@sbcglobal.net Kentucky at the time Indiana now. I got out of the Army in Dec.of 1964.I never went to Vietnam.I was with C/2/27 2nd platoon for 2 years. I know this was before your time. I have always been proud of you guys. Thanks from my Heart.
549 Kaher Ahmad kaherxd94@aol.com Brooklyn New York “Charles Van Ark,

I must say, you are one of a kind. Here is a Memorial day video I made for all those that served and fought for our freedom. Thank you very much for your contribution. Thank you.

550 Bassel Ahmad Fort Hamilton High School http://nyciblog.com/communities/jlewis/default.aspx Hey Mr. Naso I want to thankyou for coming to my JROTC class on the 21st of May, it was a great honor. I also want to thankyou for your service :]
551 Jacquolyn Chicaguala JROTC Fort Hamilton High School Tiger Battalion nyciblog.com “Dear Kenneth Steinhebel and other members of the WOLFHOUNDS,
Thank you for your service to our Country and for your bravery among other things to go and fight for us. I thank you once again of everything you guys have done for us, HOORAH! Vietnam vets! Here is a video I found for a school asignment I hope you enjoy it! Happy Memorial Day!

552 c/PFC Ronald Mirra Fort Hamilton High School- Tiger Battalion- Jrotc http://nyciblog.com/communities/jlewis/default.aspx “Dear John Quintrell,
I would like to say thank you for your service in vietnam. This thanks really doesnt just go to you, but to all sevice members. Past, present and future. Iread your story about you and i saw the pictures and i thought that was pretty cool.
I would also like to give a special thanks to Paul Naso for giving all the let 2s in my battalion a speech about your service time and bringing in photos and your medals.
sincerely- Ronald mirra”
555 Jacynta Morales Cynta302@tmail.com Brooklyn, NY “I found this website through my JROTC class. I attend Fort Hamilton High School and wanted to thank Mr. Hannah\’s support and dedication to our country. Your service has been and will always be appreciated, especially by The Tiger Battalions at Fort Hamilton High School!! 🙂 Feel free to check us at out:


Here is a dedication video:


Have a great Memorial Day!!!”
556 Mirela M New York “Hi, I\’m a cadet from FHHS JRTOC Tiger Battalion. I would just like to say that my Tiger Battalion cares about each and every Wolfhound, be it Leroy Crabtree or Bobby Connell. And that your services and sacrifices made for our country do not go unappreciated.

On our blog (http://nyciblog.com/communities/jlewis/default.aspx)
we, the cadets, have posted links to videos we made for memorial day. We hope that these videos do you justice.

Here is a link to one of them:

Once again, we thank you.

557 Ingrid Florentino Fort Hamilton High School JROTC http://nyciblog.com/communities/jlewis/archive/2010/05/23/104814.aspx#comments Dear Mr.David “Docâ€
558 Ahmed.N Brooklyn http://nyciblog.com I\’m from Fort Hamilton HS JROTC Tiger Battalion and want to thank each of you Wolfhounds for your service and commitment to our country.To let us be living and having freedom and enjoying life.I appreciate your gratitude and honor to be there for us. Thank you once again.Our website tigerbattalion shows our battalion in numerous photos.It hasnt been updated completely yet but we are working on it.Our blog site http://nyciblog.com is a great site because it shows numerous people around the world what topics and facts we target and learn in each blog.
559 Cadet Charlesworth jcharlesworth@optonline.net Brooklyn, NY http://nyciblog.com/communities/jlewis/archive/2010/05/23/104814.aspx “To Greg Marinelli
Thank you for your service to our nation.Cadets such as myself at the Fort Hamilton High School Army JROTC Tiger Battalion are extremely grateful to you and the Wolfhounds for your contributions to defending the greatest nation on Earth.”
560 Raymond Burgos http://www.nyciblog.com My name is Raymond Burgos. Im with JROTC. I\’m here to write a thank you letter to all the brave people that have serve our country. I would like to say thank you to Mr.David Brogan because he was put in a terrible situation that change hurt a lot of people. Thank you David Brogan for your service.
561 c/ SGT Carrera, Thalia Brooklyn, NY http://www.tigerbattalion.com/ “Hello. I am c/SGT Carrera at the Fort Hamilton High School Army Junior ROTC, Tiger Battalion. I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of the veterans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We truly appreciate everything you did. You guys are more than veterans, you guys are heroes. The Tiger Battalion would like to thank each and everyone of you\’s for being the best that you can be. In our class, we did Memorial Day Tributes. I hope you enjoy it.

Once again, thank you so much for your bravery and everything you have done. God Bless America.!”
569 Wu, Charlie Fort Hamilton High School “Charlie Hacker – Thank you for your bravery and devotion for The United States. I hope you enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.

Thank yous to everyone who has answered the call of duty

Here is a link I made for Memorial day Seizure warning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfftuWR0d-A”
571 Jasmine Velez Fort Hamilton High School “To:Allen Laren

To all of the men and women who have served our country thank you.Memorial day is coming and it is an honor to know that in our world we have brave people like you and your former team mates.WE will alwats remember what you did for us.My name is jasmine Velez and i learned about this website from a former team mate of yours named Paul Naso.I was so pleased to meet him and to hear the stories that he told us about.As a cadet of the J.R.O.T.C and as a person thinking of joining the army herself i am pleased of saying you are greatly appreciated and Thank You Very Much.”
572 Cadet Vucetaj, Lily prettywiicked@aim.com Bay Ridge, Brooklyn “To Joe Bogar,

Well hello there, I\’m Cadet Lily Vucetaj… as you can see above. I\’m from Fort Hamilton High Schools Army Junior ROTC Tiger Battalion and I along with my fellow cadets are oh so thankful to you and your fellow Wolfhounds. That\’s a pretty sick name by the way. Thank you for fighting for our country and risking your life.

Not to sound like a cheesy advertisement but come visit our blog at


… okay so that did come off like a cheese advertisement but yeah, myself along with the rest of the LET 2\’s have posted videos commemorating memorial day. Check \’em out. :]

573 Julia Valencikova “Hello, my name is Julia Valencikova and I visited this sight because one of the Woldhounds visted our school at Fort Hamiton. He gave a speech to the cadets at the JROTC program.
I would like to thank Dave Duininck for his service in the war. I would also like to thank all the other soldiers too. You should know we appreciate your dedication. ”
574 Anthony Nicchitta ANicchitta@yahoo.com Brooklyn, NY “To Dave Schimmoeller,
I personally thank you for your service in Vietnam and i am truly grateful for what you and the Wolfhounds have done for our great nation and the citizens of it. I am a cadet from Fort Hamilton High school and we are all thankful for your service.”
575 Ana Karen Cedillo Brooklyn, New york “I am a cadet from Fort Hamilton High School’s JROTC Tiger battalion. I thank every single one of you wolfhounds for your great service in defending our country. Mr. Paul Naso came to visit our class and it was a great honor to have him visit us. He talked to us about some of his experiences during his time at war. I find it really amazing that many of you still remain in contact till this day. Doc Turner I really appreciate what you did to defend our country. I thank you and all other veterans out there. Mr. Paul Naso talked to us about how whenever he would receive a care package from home, many of you would gather around to watch him open it up. I brought this up because in one of your pictures you talk about Mr. Naso bringing deli products maybe out of a guilty conscience for not sharing his care packages. Thanks again to all wolfhounds and to Mr. Paul Naso for sharing his photos and medals with us.

Here is a website to our blog site where you can get to know us better and check out some of the things that we do.

596 Cadet Jennifer Ortiz “I am cadet Ortiz I would like to thanks all those wolfhounds:]
especially David “The Grimm Reaper—
611 Bruce Walker bp1949@bellsouth.net Harriman tennessee I was with D company 2nd/27th from Dec 1968 to Dec 1969. Was at all three Diamonds FSB and in all four ground attacks. Two at Diamond 1 and one each at Diamond 11 and 111. Was at FSB Reed,Jackson,Kotrc, etc. Served with some great people.
629 Jim \”Tex\” Bergman james.bergman@co.travis.tx.us Austin, Texas Found web surfing. Was in C 2bn 27th 69/70 PB Harris, FB Kotric,
811 Jim Bergman james.bergman@co.travis.tx.us Austin, Texas “I was in 1st platoon with Sgt. Rock
69/70 fought in the Renegade woods, FB Harris, Kotric, Iron triangle, Rubber trees. ”
874 Jimmy Langley you know the E Mother Earth “I wish that every person that you have touched in this effort to reunite the wolfhounds would STOP and think just what it has taken to get where we are today. I THANK you and am blessed that you have been a BIG part of my life . Brother to Brother I LOVE YOU .

Jim Langley”
882 Henry Morgan Brown III getmoganized@gmail.com Norman, Oklahoma www.thefishgrip.com Hello, I was stationed at Ft. Ord, CA. 2/27th Infantry C. Co. Along with Jesse Strider. A Hell of a soldier. I can\’t seem to find any of you Fuckers! What the hell? Check out my IMDB web page. I\’m under Morgan Brown III. And email me when you get a chance. I miss you guys.
910 jeffrey lilly WV I found this site thru my family. david lee brogan 1 is my uncle. I have always looked up to him. I guess that I look at him more as a friend then a uncle. Thank you uncle david for serving the USA.
2337 Russell Sunderland rsunderland@fargodome.com Sisseton SD I was stationed @ Ft. Ord from April 1986 To April 1089. My 1st company was 1/32 infatry Bear Cats. Which was disolved & I became part of 2/27 wolh hounds. I remember being deployed to Hondorous in Mar. !988, Operation Golden Pheasant. I had alot of great memories there. To bad they closed it down. I hope to return thier one day.
2374 Jake jakedolan1@gmail.com Bozeman, MT “Hey Pops,

Just wanted to tell you that I am very proud of your service and thank you for everything you have done for our country.

2383 Sam Mollenhauer sampson_74@yahoo.com Hoffman Estates, Illinois “I found this site a couple years back when my dad \”Moose\” showed it to me. I think it is so great you guys can communicate through this site. I just want to tell you all, but especially dad, how proud of him I am. He is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me, and without Vietnam, my life would be a lot different. I had no idea how much the war had shaped our families lives. I wish I could be there for the fishing trip this year but you will have to settle for \”mini\” moose this year again. Believe me the younger, cuter version is an upgrade. I hope you guys have a great time fellow shipping and enjoy the fishing. Here\’s to all the wolfhounds all around the world. \”You guys are the best!\” Thank you for defending everything that means the world to me today. I love you dad!!

2392 Lois McAdams loisjwl@gmail.com My Uncle is Lee Albert Keith who was lost on Feb. 23, long before I was born. Thank you for what information you have available it helps.
2447 Doc Turner 2nd/ 27th 2nd Plat. this is the greatest thing Thank you Big and Laura I cant believe the people looking for us
3198 Jim Taub jjtaub@yahoo.com Johnstown NY Hi all you Wolfhounds. For all you old timers.. thanks for the service and good luck and safe return to the current Wolfhounds. I was with C co 1/32 and then C co 2/27 from 84/88 at Fort Ord in Weapons and 3rd Platoons.
3393 TW Crowe twc487@gmail.com North Carolina RVN 68-69. I was on one of the 105\’s at Diamond 2 & 3. Also spent time at FSB Jackson.
3398 tom robbins tomandkarol@q.com des moines iowa Served in country from Oct 67 untill oct 68. 2/27 c co.Had the pleasure of serving with Joe Guchek, and many other brave soldiers. Would love to hear from all.
3418 Dale Berg bergda@comcast.net Orginally from Minnesota, now in Chicago, IL “I was in 1st platoon with Sgt. Rock
69/70 fought in the Renegade woods(with Jim Bergman, Rarrick,Rios, Griffith to mention a few), FB Harris, Kotric, Iron triangle, Rubber trees. Trying to locate others that were in 1st platoon. email: bergda@comcast.net”
3647 Danny Witt mudcat120@centurylink.net Ohio I was not a Wolfhound. I was with Company D 65th Engr. I was attatched to Company B & C as a Demo Eng. 12B40 For several weeks in 1969 and 1970. I found this site while hunting info on the 65th engr. Bat. I typed in 27th Wolfhounds and there you were. It\’s greate to read thoughts and words from people who have shared my past. May you never be forgotten.
4839 Robert Gibson gibsonr13@yahoo.com buffalo I\’d like to thank those who served with me.And know how much that i miss being around you guys.
4971 Elisabeth Carey elisabeth1234567@gmail.com Atlanta, Georgia I am a neice of a Wolfhound – my uncle, Gary Hunt, was a Wolfhound. Thanks for putting this website together – I enjoy learning more about my Uncle Gary\’s experience and the fine gentlemen he served with. Thank you!
5145 Michael Deline \”Sodaman\” mdeline07@chartermi.net St. Louis, Michigan The 12th of May it will be 44 years since Jackie Morrison was KIA. Even after all these years, it don\’t seem to get easier for me. He was a true friend and an \”original 1960\’s Hippie\” If Jack said he had your back, you did not have to worry. Rest in Peace my dear friend for even today tears flow for you. I miss you buddy.
5668 john t. stoner jtstoner05@yahoo.com Bogata tx. Found website by typing c company2/27 wolfhounds. Didn\’t know this was hear.I was in the 1st.platoon from1167 tell 11/68.Was wandeering if anyone new fatjohn. Was wanting to know something about him anything.
5775 Robert E. Lutz robertelutz@sbcglobal.net Michigan “Found this web site by just browsing for the 2/27 infantry as I am returning this fall on a tour. I served with a couple of platoons as a rto in C company of tne 2/27 in 67-68. I read with interest the poem by Herb Nye. I was a rto with I believe the CO at the time. I often thought of him alone all night alone but I didn\’t remember or realize he made it out. You forget so much. I only recall a few names as I was going through the web site. As I said, I was a rto mostly with the CO but not when captain Pitts got the medal of honor. I always remember certain things and that was one of them. Anyway wecome home all and thanks for stirring the memory a bit.
Robert E. Lutz
5947 Amy Goldman traveldiva27@hotmail.com Maine VIA Alabama! “I have been doing the travel for Tommy Clackm and his faily for th last ten years or so. I have had the pleasure of getting him to one or more reunions, or bringing his son home before and after he is shipped over to fight for this great country of ours, and occasionally to assist a friend of Tommy\’s who may need a bit of help. before I was a travel agent, i worked on the road in rock and roll. We were in DC with the Grateful Dead, and some of the crew guys were going to visit the wall.We went at night when most tourists were not there, and many soldiers of varying degrees were. We all took extra tshirts, clothes etc, to leave for some of the less fortunate. I want you all to know my life was changed the night we spent at the Memorial.People spoke, hugged, cired, and meditated, lost in their own thoughts, their own nightmares. I was young during the war. I wrote to two boys who went from my home town, neither returned.But I was touched. And I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for what you did, for what you do for us. It does not go unnoticed. Peace and love,

5948 Eric Chan Hello, I am a cadet from Fort Hamilton High School Junior ROTC and it was a pleasure to speak with a fellow WolfHound on Friday. Thank you very much for informing me about this conflict. Thank you very much for being there for us.
6079 Brenda Hering wholeshabang_50@yahoo.com Van Lear, Kentucky I am one of the nieces of Freddie Hannah who you all served with. I got the address for this site from Cyrus Creverling when he stopped by on his way to the reunion,we had a pleasant time talking to him and telling us about his time with Uncle Freddie. we also took him to the cemetery where Freddie is buried.I would like to thank all of you who defended our country.
6086 Bill Thomas wwjthomas@gmail.com BellbrookOhio near Dayton With CoC 2/27 4th platoon motors from 3/67 to 3/68. Looking anyone during this time. I was barber but do not remember cutting mush hair. Did like to some beer and still do drink some but not as munch as then. Hope to see you at reunion in Aug.
6568 Bill Keating Cool Rock Charlie 6 Xray mktng4@att.net Northhaven CT. Dates served 10/67 – 10/68 Trying to locate John T. Stoner. Served together Charlie company 2nd wolfhounds. I have pictures of fat John, Joe O\’Donnell, Mike Brassil, and you. Please give me your e-mail or home address.
6569 bill keating aka coolrock charlie 6 xray mktng4@att.net North haven CT. 06473 contact me at mktng4@att.net or phone 203-239-5026 Looking for Leonard Niadoff, Robert E. Lutz, John T. Stoner and Joe O\’Donnell.
6584 Kerry Orr kerryorr@aol.com Austin Tx “Searched Wolfhounds on Google to find website. I served in the 1/27th Wolfhounds in Nam 68-69

I served under Captain Rubino and Captain Fred Wong. Both great CO\’s

6635 Kenneth W. Lucas sgt116@yahoo.com Chesapeake City Maryland “I was at Cu Chi 1967-68 assigned with the 1/8 Artillary Unit. 25th Inf. Div. During Tet assigned to support the Wolfhund unit that had uncovered the underground tunnel complex in the Iron Triangle. Wounded Jan 6th 1968 while supporting your units in the Iron triangle.
God Gless u all.”
6654 Howard Ward hottoward@gmail.com Vernon Center, Minnesota HHC 2/27, 1969-1971 Schofield Quad D, Medic for 3rd platoon, Charlie Company. Looking to maybe reconnect with some of those 9th Division guys who came out of the delta and joined our battalion. Hope I served you well.
6657 Alferd J Rocchio alrocchio@yahoo.com Venice ,California Was making a donation in Lt.Michael Wonderlich name and stumbled onto this great site.I served from July68 to July69 with fellow \”Hounds\”on this site Jim Marshall,Gary Hunt,and the kid from Tennessee who is in their pictures but name escapes me.Also was wounded same night as Craig Hacker.
6674 Robert E. Lutz robertelutz@sbcglobal.net Bay City Michigan Recently went back to Vietnam with a tour company geared toward the vet. Had a great time and would recomend it for anyone. It has changed so much that it\’s unbelievable. Everything is so moderinized and built up. It is a whole new world. That\’s funny, we used to call the USA world. I would recomend it to anyone who has been there, but use a tour company. They take care of everything which makes it so much easier. I was with the 2/27 infantry in 1967. Could not get on the 25th infantry base as it is now under thier army\’s control, but did drive by it. Great trip!
7271 Terry McConnell Wolfhoundc26x@pobox.com Manhattan Beach, California “Hi Wolfhounds,
I am Terry McConnell (Dreamer)
Served Feb 1967 to Feb 1968 with C 2/27 2nd Pl. as RTO and Squad Leader under COs Dehl, Pitts,and Wikem. I am active in The 27th Inf Wolfhound Pack and 25th Inf Associations as well as a Post Service Officer with VFW Post 9934 in Dana Point CA.
Go check out the next 27th Inf Reunion site, it\’s being held August 2013 in Irvine California.
Hope to see some new faces there.

Wolfhound Forever”
7409 Weronika Weronika Weronika Weronika I feel like Paul didn\’t want to announce to Alex\’s famliy that he was Alex\’s therapist. Alex may have kept it a secret that he was in therapy and Paul may not have wanted to betray his client\’s trust regardless of if he had passed away. I agree with Sarah in that the comment could be representative of their new relationship. But I\’d probably use the word escape instead of hide because they are using this new relationship to escape each of their own problems in their life. Clearly I think that the story Paul told about his father leaving his mom and re-marrying a younger woman made Laura uncomfortable. The story is strikingly similar to their situation and hearing Paul tell how he is following in his fathers footsteps could have made Laura feel as though she was leading Paul down the wrong path. She could have felt responsible for this and this could have lead her to feeling extremely uncomfortable and then leaving. I don\’t think Laura has real feelings for Paul. I think that her feelings are clouded and that eventually she will realize this. I agree with Morgan and that a lot of her basis for reasons that her and Paul should be together are on very basic and shallow things. When Paul finally tells her something real and intimate, his father leaving his mom for a younger woman, she clearly doesn\’t like what she hears and it causes her enough discomfort to make her leave. – Joey Liner
7481 Steven Cordoza safetransportco@sbcglobal.net Oakdale California “Google Wolfhounds 27th company C
Belonged to the 1rst Battalion

7506 steve gebhart stevegebhart@gmail.com topeka ks platoon leader 3rd plt.hardspot harris .november 1st 1969 shot on rescue mission
7536 Cory Winesburg cory.winesburg@us.army.mil Current Squad Leader 2nd Plt C Co. 2-27. Just dropping by to let you know that we are carrying on the traditions and doing the best we can to fill the shoes you left. Comanche!!
FROM 1968-1969”
7555 Bruce Sexton kristina122270@gmail.com MI I am the daughter of a Vietnam vet. Me and my father was just talking yesterday about his buddy in Vietnam. Was wondering if someone knew of a web site to find him. All he can remember is last name Hicks and he was from Macon GA. My dad has two certificates, on 2nd battalion 27th infantry and the other one says Wolfhounds. I know that he served in 67 to 68. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you
7647 McKenzie wiseman bugkenzie@gmail.com Helena, Montana John Quintrell came to my school and he talked about his expriences
7648 Savannah Randolph Helena, Montana John Quintrell gave a talk in my english class about his time in Vietnam.
7669 Brian Baumgarten brian@bb3dm.com West Palm Beach Florida Signing on behalf of Robert W. Baumgarten SP4 C Company 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment under the 25th Infantry Division.
7723 Robert Cappel “Was second platoon leader in 67. Was infused from the 3/22nd in Dau Tieng, I think August 67 – January of 68. George Parounagian took over the platoon when I rotated to S-3 operations and was KIA soon after.

Some names and faces blend together through time, but many of the memories remain as vivid as if the were from yesterday. God Bless you guys. Nec Aspera Terrant..”
7734 Bill Stegura surrender1221@gmail.com northampton pa Hello my father was a a c company wolfhound in 1969, I`m not sure what platoon he was in. I know he was at diamond 3 and 4. His name is Harry Stegura and he was a sergeant. I was wondering if anyone here served with him?
7748 Ed Stanton Delta co. 2/27. Vietnam 69-70 looking for other delta. 3rd platoon
7757 bruce walker bp1949@bellsouth.net harriman tennessee Found this website on Wolfhounds Alumni page. I was with 1st platoon Delta company 2nd/27th. me and my company were at Diamond One on Feb. 23th 1969. We had the other half of the perimeter across from C company.One hell of a night and for two days after. Was also at Diamond Two and Three for those ground attacks.
7849 Steve Millard toeriverdesign@gmail.com Burnsville, North Carolina “Hey guys. Hung out with y\’all when I\’d drop in from Cu Chi as a \’combat artist\’ with 25th – Aug. \’68 -69. Enjoyed my stay at FSB Diamond I & II… always felt welcomed. Thanks dudes! (I loved being told not to stomp out the C-ration tin heating lit C4 – so as not to blow off my leg 😉 Hope most of you made it back and are alive and kicking & enjoying life!
All the best, -Steve”
7862 Smithd758 Smithd758 Smithd758 Smithd758 The principle isn\’t to artificially turn out to be effective, ekaeefadebdcafec
7875 Ron Leonard diamondhead85@sbcglobal.net Kenai, Alaska 25thaviation.org “Big John contacted me for info about a couple of people from FSB Diamond. I sent his request info on to those who were there . A bunch of the other requests from this web page on info, the other FSB Diamonds I and II I was there, along with Reed, Trang Bang (seemed like every day), Dodge City and to many others to remember.

good luck on your endeavors and if I can be of help, just ask. i have all of our daily journals so they can all be cross referenced.”
7876 Joe Footer snakedriver04@yahoo.com Pinellas Park, FL Salute from a fellow 25th ID Nam vet. I was a pilot with A and B Co, 25th Avn Bn (Little Bears and Diamondheads) in \’67 and \’68. Flew many missions in support of you while I was there. It was an honor.
8049 Conor Quick conorq@cra-school.org Helena Really appreciated you coming to talk to our class, it was very cool. Hopefully you’ll be back next year!
8050 Ryan Kimball rkimball917@gmail.com Helena Montana I listened to you at Capital High today, 3/3/17, and your stories were amazing. My grandpa served in Vietnam for one year as well. He was deployed 6 days after my mom was born and lasted a full year. He passed when I was a baby so I never got to talk to him about his service, but according to my mom he rarely talked about the war, and had awful PTSD. When he died, a guy that he worked with for over 30 years found out for the first time that he was a Vet at the funeral. Thanks for coming and sharing your story!
8052 Tyler Michale Smith buckfever256@gmail.com Helena Thank you for your speech at capital high school i am enlisting into the army i swear in in april.You gave everything for this country and i want to protect this country we call home to keep everyone safe.Thank you for your service and sacrifices. Army Strong.
8053 Marie Brewer tinypegasus5@gmail.com Helena MT I want to say THANK YOU for your service.
8054 tavis morgan tavislee22@gmail.com helena i thank you all of you for your service to this country!its greatly appreciated!
8055 Sydnee Tjaden sydneeleetjaden@gmail.com Helena Thank you for coming and talking to Capital High School this afternoon. I really appreciated your courage for talking to our classes about your experiences. I can not begin to imagine what you guys went through. You are braves, and you are a hero! Thank you so much.
8124 Jordan jordanmarten81@gmail.com Thank you for coming to Capital Highschool!!!
8125 Rebekah rfleury@helenastudent.org Thank you so much for visiting and speaking at Capital High School!!!!
8126 Rachael Campanella rachaelcampy@gmail.com Helena Thank you for coming to Capital!
8127 DJ davids@cra-school.org Thank you for coming to Capital High and talking to us about the war!
8128 Hailey Personette personettehailey@gmail.com Helena Thank you for coming to Capital High School to talk to all of us students about your experiences in Vietnam and your experiences coming home. Many things you said I found very meaningful and courageous. The fact that you continue to talk about the Vietnam war to give kids like us an idea about how it was is great and I respect that you take the time out of your day to speak.
8129 Mariah Norstrom norstromm@yahoo.com Helena Montana Thank you for coming to capital high school to talk to us about your experience in Vietnam. I find that war very interesting and it was great to hear your stories. My grandpa and great grandpa fought in that war so for me hearing about some of the stories of what went on over there was amusing. Thank you so much for your service and all you have done for your country.
8130 Brylee Flath bflath1@helenastudent.org “Thank you for speaking about your experiences in the war. My grandfather was in the Vietnam war and it’s amazing to hear about what it was like for a veteran like yourself. I’m intrigued about your experiences and your service.

-Brylee Flath, Junior at Capital High School”
8131 Madison Lambert madisonlambert83@gmail.com Hi my name is Madison, and I and am a student at Capital High School,I would like to say thank you so much for coming in and speaking to us about your time on duty. It really makes me sit back and think that I have it easy. It was an amazing experience listening to you speak to my class. I will always remember it!
8132 Bri Carlson bcarlson22400@gmail.com Helena “I am a junior at capital high school and my english class was visited by a war vet and he did an amazing job with telling stories that when he told us the un true ones, we believed him
Thank you for lending your time for our education”
8133 Troy Bawden tbawden@mail.com Helena http://www.wolfhounds2nd27th.org/ I am a student from capital high school.
8134 Gavin Carlsom gcarlson30@gmail.com Helena Hello Fred, my name is Gavin i am a student at capital high school and you came to my school on friday and talked. I just have to say i loved your stories and i wish we could have heard more of your stories! Thank you for taking time out of your day to come and talk to us.
8135 Elijah Bratton ebratton@helenaschools.org Helena Mr. Quintrell Thank you very much for coming to capital high and speaking to us students. I appreciate that you took the time to visit us. And I especially appreciate that you served our country in Vietnam and are now helping your fellow Veterans and host these reunions. God Bless you and again thank you very much.
8136 Andrew Powell androidman142@gmail.com Helena, MT I wanted to thank John Quintrell for visiting my school this last Friday and not only sharing his experiences, but his thoughts, and reactions to the Vietnam war. Thank you all for your service.
8338 Chris wright Chriswright133@comcast.net Danville My dad was a wolfhound 2/27 in 69-70 his name is Stephen H. Wright from Hudson Michigan. I know he was a squad leader and Sargent by field promotion. I’ve heard him talk about being in cou chee I know that is not the right spelling but he often talks about a kit Carson scout that was Kia he called him Foot. Was wondering if anyone on here served with him. He went by Steve. He was awarded the bronz star for what he won’t say. Feel free to email me if you think you might remember him. If not. I’d like to say to each of you welcome home. And than you for your selfless sacrifice. By the way I’m his oldes son. And my son is going to boot camp in 3 weeks. Love you all for my freedom. God Bless You.
8744 d.j. west west3356@live.com portland worked with you in 68/69. was rto for arty. f. o. 7th bn. 11th arty. lost f.o. at hoc mon.
8759 Regenia Bishop Rrb1011@charter.net Kingsport Mike Harr KIA Firebase Diamond III. April 15, 1969. Will forever be missed and loved.
9076 David Lee Scales scalesdavidlee@yahoo.com New York, N.Y. I served in Vietnam with Company C, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry, 25 Infantry Division from Sept 9 1968 to Jan. 30 when I was WIA on this date.
9618 Jerry Higney Jerrypaintsystems@outlook.c0m Colebrook Ct “My Uncle Name Is Bill Keating (Willaim), my uncle has fought with your brothers in Vietnam. Do you know him.
Thank You for your service and I respect everyone of you.
10186 J.W. Howe jwhelh@aol.com I was with C/2/27 2nd platoon from 12/64 – 12/67. Came over with the division. opened and settled Cu Chi. SSgt. Rivera and a few others were responsible for getting the paint and for the mess hall and the bunks through some horse trading. We had a great team when we came ashore at Vung Tau. My Platoon leader was 2nd lt. Thomas Ray. 2nd platoon was always first in and last out on our missions. Took some casualties, mostly wounded, until Attleboro. That was a mess. This is a nice site you have put together. Welcome home.
10365 Christian Huddleston combatantxtian@hotmail.com Camillus None of you know me,but I think some of you may have served at Guantanamo Bay in 1993. I was a chaplain assistant at the time, and have great memories. Wonder if anybody recalls being there.
10431 Dennis Schmit up4younow@yahoo.com “I saw an entry here by Bill Thomas, Co, C 2/27 mortar platoon 1967-68.

I think I served with you (him) November ’66-67.
I was squad leader, platoon sergeant.

If you remember me I’d like to hear from you.

10537 Edward L. Smith weclkt@gorge.net Dallesport, Washington “C/2/27 66-67
From one Old War Dog to Another
Hope this finds you all Well.

Always a Wolfhound, eds”
11317 MARCUS BLOODWORTH marcus.bloodworth@navy.mil PHILADELPHIA I sure am excited to see you all this year in Philadelphia!
11318 chance charles e 4745@yahoo.com poolville mahone 1 feb 1969 fo e company