This web site is dedicated to all the brave men that served in the 2/27 Wolfhounds C co 2nd platoon and ALL the men who served in Charlie Company during 1965- 1971. Our platoon was rich with heroes, and men willing to give their all. We honor our brothers that gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives and we are ever grateful for everyone’s service. Many died, even more were wounded and we never left anyone behind.

We are planning the 2018 that will be held at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Tulsa, OK June 5-7

2018 , so stay tuned in for details ! 

Wolfhound Registration 2018

Our goal is to locate as many brothers as possible and have everyone attend. The picture pages are a result of many men sending in pictures to contribute to our web site. This web page is our testament to each other that “All gave some, some gave all”. With that in mind, it is now our mission to locate every man who served in the 2nd platoon and reunite ourselves once more. We shared an experience that will forever cast us as brothers.

If you served with us, and would like to contribute any information to this site please contact me, John “BIG JOHN” Quintrell at: shkdive@msn.com.

If you remember FSB Crocket, Reed, Jackson, Diamond I, II, III, going into Cambodia, the Hobo Woods, Iron Triangle, Michelin Rubber Plantation, Fu Cong Bridge, Trang Bang, Tay Ninh, Dodge City (the night the 101 Airborne was decimated while we acted as blocking force), Cu Chi when the chinook choppers were blown up by sappers, then we need to hear from you. It has been nearly 42 years since most of us have given great thought to our Vietnam Service. Please let us know where you are. Welcome home brothers.